Citrus Shabang!

Yes, we know what's happening outside; dreary, depressing rain.  But what's in our hearts and what we want in our glasses is another story!  This drink is cool and refreshing with a tiny burn that will surely put a giddy-up in your step.  So, wipe off that glum face, throw on your bikini and head to the store to grab ingredients to make this mouth-watering drink that will make you feel like it's summer already!



One large pink grapefruit

One large Cara Cara orange

Two large fresh limes 

One bottle soda water

One jar of sweet pickled jalapeños

1/2- 1 ounce of agave, to taste 

Sprig of mint

Kosher salt 

Directions: Juice grapefruit, orange and one lime, add to a shaker.  Add to shaker 4 shots of tequila, half a tablespoon of sweet jalapeño juice and agave. Shake, shake, shake.  Salt the rims of two glasses with kosher salt and lime.  Add ice cubes.  Pour shaker contents over ice.  Top off each glass with a splash of soda water.  Garnish with a sprig of mint, tiny slice of pickled jalapeño, and wedge of lime if desired. 

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