Road Trip, Pea Salad

It's almost spring break and for many of you that means road trips! (This is also good for a long plane ride)  Strange but true, I'm all about packing and even more about preparing food for trips.  I LOVE TO DO IT!  My husband loves to do all the trip planning, and I do all the trip packing, which is why we make a great road trip team. 

When you're on the road one of the most difficult things to find to eat are vegis.  So unless you want to end up with a Jack in the Box salad, or eating carrots out of the bag all week, you better get prepping.  

Here is one of my easiest, most durable road trip salads. I packed this baby for the last relay race I did with some gal friends last summer.  We did not get into it til the 3rd day of the trip and everyone is still talking about how fresh and tasty it was.  This is a powerhouse salad packed with protein, healthy carbs and pure deliciousness.  Perfect for after a run for an energy boost or to serve at dinner as a side.  This is also a great go to salad when you run out of all your other vegis in the fridge and only have the freezer supply left. ;) 


Autumn's Pea Salad Recipe


One bag of frozen peas

One bag of frozen edamame

One half cup extra virgin olive oil

Kosher salt to taste 

FRESH block feta, 1/2 cup

Roasted slivered almonds, or roasted, salted sunflower seeds

One finely chopped, large honeycrisp apple, (peels ok!) or your favorite sweet apple variety

Optional: finely chopped avocado (Will shorten shelf life of salad but will add to deliciousness!)

DIRECTIONS: In one large frying pan add frozen peas and edamame, oil and kosher salt.  Heat on low until oil is mixed in but you don't want the peas to be completely thawed.  Turn off heat.  Add mixture to other ingredients in a large mixing bowl, crumbling and adding feta last.  Immediately put in tupperware and store in fridge.  

*Feta could be substituted with blue cheese or sharp white dry cheddar.  Apples could be substituted with golden raisins.   

***Packing Your Cooler:  When I travel I always throw in the bottom of my cooler my favorite prepackaged frozen deli meat, presliced specialty cheeses, salami/smoked fish,  a bag of frozen edamame (with added salt for the kids), and premade frozen smoothies, in ready to go cups  This way  I generally only need one frozen cooler block to keep everything nice and cold for days.   Lastly put your salads on the top and you're ready to roll! 


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